WATKINS GENERATION  FOUR                            



A high-end, high definition, quality loudspeaker incorporating an innovative and dramatic breakthrough in low bass

Who We Are

Our company was founded by William H. Watkins and Bill

Watkins, Jr. and has manufactured quality, award winning

loudspeakers for over 46 years. Our newest speaker, the

Watkins Generation Four, is the proud recipient of The

Absolute Sound's 2017 Golden Ear Award and their 2021, 2020,

2019,& 2018 Editors' Choice Awards.  In addition, our 

Watkins WE-1 loudspeaker was chosen as editor's choice by

Stereophile Magazine.  

Owners of several U.S. patents on loudspeakers, we

designed the Infinity-Watkins Dual Drive Woofers,

 renowned for their ability to reproduce low bass.

You can read about the inclusion of our Watkins Dual

Drive Woofer in the Infinity Reference Speakers series

on David's Audio website.  We also built the first room

absorbers (Echo-Muffs) to be rated a breakthrough by

Stereophile Magazine. 


Watkins Stereo & Loudspeakers 

1019 East Center Street   

  Kingsport, TN  37660         

(423) 246-3701


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Watkins Generation Four Speakers